Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 Just Days Away

The tablet wars, in some minds, are over. The iPad and iPad 2 have shot to stardom, and every tablet that has arrived to try and topple either of them has largely failed. Not that other tablets haven't sold, but there are no tablets that come anywhere close to the iPad in terms of market share and mind share. But could that change with the Galaxy Tab 10.1? Samsung went to great lengths to redesign the 10.1 in order to make it both thinner and lighter than the iPad 2, and response was largely positive when the first batch arrived in the hands of developers during Google I/O this week.

There's been no firm launch date locked down; early June has been thrown around, but no one outside of Samsung truly knows for sure. However, it looks like the day is drawing closer. A tweet from the company's official account suggests that the tablet is "only a few days away," and we are guessing that it'll either ship with Android 3.1 or will be upgradable to it within a matter of weeks. There's also no definite pricing; last we heard, the smaller 16GB Wi-Fi model would sell for $499, but who knows if anything has changed since it was originally shown off.

Will an Android tablet be able to rival the iPad 2? Would you consider the Tab 10.1 as your next tablet? If so, it looks like the wait is nearly over.