Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Sensor Could Bring Big Gains In Phone Photography

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As the launch of next generation of Galaxy phones from Samsung gets closer, the leaks continue to pour in. A lot of the speculation resides with the company's high-end Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone, and possible upgrades to S22 Ultra's already powerful array of cameras.

As smartphone makers continue to look at ways to separate from the rest of the industry, one area that is always looked at is mobile photography. With so many taking advantage of the powerful cameras smartphones now house, companies are looking at ways to make them even better and more powerful. Samsung has been at the forefront of that arena for quite some time, with even its lower end phones having the ability to take quality pictures. Now, the tech giant is possibly looking at taking the 108MP sensor on the S22 Ultra and replacing it with an incredible 200MP sensor on the S23 Ultra.

The ISOCELL HP1 and HP3 are two of the sensors in the 200-megapixel family. According to leakster UniverseIce on Twitter, the Galaxy S23 Ultra could benefit from the so-called 200MP ISOCELL HP2. Currently the HP2 has not been announced and is missing from Samsung's lineup.

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According to UniverseIce, the ISOCELL HP1 and HP3 sport 0.64um and 0.56um pixels, respectively. The ISOCELL HP2 sensor is believed to have 0.60um pixels, which would place it right in the middle of the two. There have been some who have speculated that the S23 Ultra will come with an astounding 450MP camera, which is definitely a lot harder to believe. Others have rumored that the S23 Ultra's zoom camera could be left out in the cold altogether in terms of upgrades.

There is still plenty of time between now and when the next generation of Samsung Galaxy devices launch. That also means there is plenty of opportunity for more leaks and speculations to surface. Stay tuned to HotHardware, as we will be sure to try and keep you up to date on all the rumors as they surely will continue to come in.

Top Image Credit: Samsung