Samsung's Galaxy S II Seen In AT&T Attire, Coming Soon?

Samsung's Galaxy S II has made a huge splash around the world. With the original Galaxy S handset selling over 10 million units globally, Samsung saw it impossible to overlook a follow-up device with a similar name. And the S II definitely has the chops to be as popular as the first. A dual-core 1GHz CPU, and a qHD high-res display are just the tip of the iceberg. But in order to get mass appeal in the States, you need a phone available across a wide variety of carriers; all four of the major ones, if you can manage.

To this point, the Galaxy S II seemed like it would be skipping over AT&T in the U.S., but that is looking less and less likely now. Samsung Mobile's Singapore Facebook page let loose on a few Galaxy S II accessories over the weekend, and one of them was a unique dock-cradle. But inside of that cradle was something unique: an AT&T-branded S II handset, with an all new array of icons along the bottom. The layout is most similar to the Infuse 4G, which just recently landed on AT&T, and it's a layout that has become quite familiar to Android users in the U.S.

Does this mean the phone is definitely coming? Not quite, but it's definitely a good sign. Now, we await an official launch date and price...
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