Watch Samsung's Galaxy Fold Fail Its Claimed Fold Cycle Limit In Live Test

galaxy fold screen
In case you weren't following the livestream, the folks over at CNET felt it appropriate to put Samsung's revised Galaxy Fold through hell by subjecting it to a vigorous "fold" test to gauge its durability. Samsung itself says that the Galaxy Fold has been tested to endure 200,000 folds before failure.

In the publication’s testing, however, which seems a bit more extreme than Samsung's procedure, the device in question failed after around 120,000 folds. We have to caution that with CNET's automated folding machine, the Galaxy Fold is subjected to rapid-fire cycles between open and close positions of the display. Samsung's testing procedure, however, shows the display being opened and closed at a much slower rate -- something more akin to how an actual humanwould interact with the device.

According to Deloitte's 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey, the average American checks his or her smartphone 52 times per day. If that is indeed the case, you're looking at just over 6 years of usage before failure based on CNET's testing regimen. Based on Samsung's more relaxed (and realistic) testing, that lifespan would extend a for a few more years.

However, we should note that simply opening and closing the Galaxy Fold isn't the only way that it can be damaged. There's also the potential for debris to still wiggle its way inside the hinge, causing damage to the display as we've seen with TechCrunch’s review sample. Likewise, Samsung cautions against pressing too hard on the display, as that can also damage it as well. And you also have to keep in mind that the display covering is made of plastic, which makes it more susceptible to scratching than traditional Gorilla Glass-covered smartphones.

With that being said, if you do manage to mangle your Galaxy Fold's display for any reason, Samsung says that it will perform a one-time replacement at a cost of $149. However, to take advantage of that offer, you'll need to purchase the device before December 31st, 2019.