Samsung’s Updated Galaxy Fold Makes Its First Display Failure Debut

galaxy fold screen
When Samsung first launched the Galaxy Fold, things quickly went wrong for the company. The Galaxy Fold has relaunched after the company said that it reworked the device to be more durable (making changes to the display and the hinge mechanism). Durability concerns remain for many, and with the price of the smartphone being so high, Samsung needs a win.

It looks like the work Samsung put in trying to get the Galaxy Fold to be more durable might have been for naught; at least in the case of an updated unit that TechCrunch has received. After only a day of being used as a normal smartphone, meaning carrying it in a pocket and using the smartphone on the go, the tester opened the smartphone and under the screen was some sort of blob. The blob looks like a clump of pocket lint that made its way under the screen.

The user describes whatever is under the screen as "a brightly colored amorphous blob" that appears to be roughly right along where the display of the folding device bends. The reviewer says that no physical harm had befallen the Galaxy Fold (i.e. dropping it or other abuse), and that it simply failed on its own. Wit that being said, this isn't as bad as the first round of failures where complete sides of the screens went black.

On a device that costs nearly $2,000, any issue with the screen is an embarrassing failure. TechCrunch says that Samsung picked the device up and is sending it for a tear down to find out what went wrong. Interestingly, while the failures with the first round of devices were widespread, the same reviewer had one of the first round devices and encountered no issues at all.