Samsung’s 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ Expected To Outsell Its Smaller Galaxy S8 Sibling

Go big or go home, right? That seems to be the general philosophy surrounding smartphones, and in particular Samsung's newest flagship Galaxy S8 handsets. According to a recent report by Yuanta Securities Korea Co., sales of Samsung's larger size 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ are expected to come out ahead of the 5.8-inch non-plus model (Galaxy S8), reflecting the market's demand for larger phones.

Even the smaller of the two would have previously been considered a so-called phablet, a name that was thrown around at devices that walked the line between a traditional smartphone and smaller size tablet. However, the term is not used as much anymore, as pretty much every phone manufacturer has adjusted to the market demand for larger displays. Even Apple jumped on the board the bandwagon.

Galaxy S8

In this case, the writing was on the wall the moment Samsung opened pre-orders for its Galaxy S8/S8+ phones. Based on pre-order figures, both showed "strong double-digit growth" compared to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung stated earlier this month. And out of the two variants, Samsung said the larger Galaxy S8+ was proving to be the more popular handset.

While customers are digging larger size displays, storage capacity could also be nudging buyers toward the Galaxy S8+. It is available with either 64GB or 128GB of built-in storage, whereas the regular Galaxy S8 only comes with 64GB.

All that said, Samsung would be wise to continue offering its flagship phones in two sizes. Even though the Galaxy S8+ is proving the more popular of the two, the sales disparity is not super wide. Yuanta Securities reckons Samsung will sell around 27.1 million Galaxy S8+ devices annually, accounting for 53.9 percent of the combined 50.4 million Galaxy S8/S8+ handsets sold.