Samsung Video Wall Makes Halo Dreams Come True

Think you can handle up to 250 video displays at once? If you're Samsung, you're leaning "yes." Thanks to an all new Video Wall system introduced this week, up to 250 panels can be controlled by a single server, thus creating a "virtual monitor" of sorts that can display an obviously wide variety of material in real time. The Ultra-Definition Display (UD) System is described as an interactive video wall solution that is currently being integrated into the firm's UX and UT series displays.

J.H. Kim, President, Information Technology Division, Samsung Electronics America, stated the following: "As the North American leader of Large Format Professional Displays , we are expanding our product selection to include this innovative new video wall solution that provides the ability to display and manage real-time content from multiple sources, stimulating more collaboration and providing enhanced command and control capabilities. Our UD System effectively addresses the requirements of vital applications in government and law enforcement agencies that need to make critical decisions based on comprehensive, accurate information from multiple sources."

With its ability to display information that originates from up to 125 networked PCs, the UD system creates a visualization venue from a video wall of Samsung UD Series monitors. Through conversational control and administration, information can be shared over the network and presented from remote locations. Video streams sent fromwebcams, security cameras and video files can also be displayed directly on the video wall.  Furthermore, the UD solution can reposition and resize images up to 1GB or larger in real time, not to mention support Giga Pixel images. Too bad you can't afford one of these things to host your next Halo party on, huh?