Samsung Unveils Pricing for Windows 8 Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones, and Laptop/Tablet Hybrids

Samsung is the latest OEM to out its lineup of Windows 8 machines, and it certainly seems as though the big trend is toward laptop/tablet hybrids. According to VentureBeat, Samsung is calling its hybrid models “Smart PCs”, and two are slated to launch with Windows 8 on board.

The ATIV Smart PC 700T will cost $1,200, while the ATIV Smart PC 500T will debut at $650 (or $750 with the keyboard).

Samsung also announced a quartet of laptops, most notably the 13.3-inch Series 5 Ultra Touch, which boasts a touchscreen and will cost $860 for the Intel Core i5 edition and $810 for one running a Core i3. The lowest end of the line is the Series 3 notebook, which offers configurations from as low as $400 on up to $900. In between is a 15-inch Series 7 notebook and the high-end Series 9 Premium Ultrabook, which will cost $1,400 for the 15-inch version and $1,300 for the 13-incher.

Finally, if you’re up for an all-in-one desktop, Samsung will be offering the Series 5 (21.5 inches, $800) and the Series 7, which will be available in 27-inch ($1,700) and 23.6-inch ($1,100) models.

For those who have been waiting eagerly for the debut of Windows 8 and the associated hardware from manufacturers, the options are getting more numerous by the day.