Samsung Unveils New Touch-Enabled Monitors For The Windows 8 Crowd

It's a brand new year, and Samsung is kicking things off with a bang. The company has just taken the wraps off of two new touch screen monitors, aimed at professionals and mainstream consumers alike. The Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor is a desktop affair that's aimed at those upgrading to Windows 8, and looking to take advantage of the gesture-based input option. The Series 7 SC750, on the other hand, is a slim, ergonomic desktop monitor that also shows no fear of greasy fingers. Both of the LCDs are set to be a part of Samsung's CES 2013 gala.

The Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor is Samsung’s first multi-touch display optimized for Windows 8, as it can handle up to ten simultaneous touch points as well as supporting drag, rotations, and object selection. It'll also have a 60-degree tilt option to keep your neck from getting pained from peering at awkward angles. There's no pricing information out just yet, but surely that'll flow in just a few days. The action kicks off in Las Vegas soon enough!

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