Samsung's Next Galaxy Will Have The Display You Always Wanted

s10 screen
Samsung Electronics is doing something next year that smartphone fans have been waiting for. The company allegedly has a new OLED panel that is being built by Samsung Display that fills the hole where the front camera peeks through the screen with tech called Under Display Camera (UDC).

To implement the camera under the screen, Samsung is using something called HIAA2 production equipment, which stands for Hole in Active Area. Samsung Display has received equipment to make these new displays at the A4 plant at its Asan Campus, in Chungnam this month. Mass production is expected to start at the facility next year. Currently, that A4 plant has a pair of 5th gen OLED production lines with a production capacity of 30,000 sheets per month.

galaxy fold

This production facility also uses HIAA1 technology, which is the OLED production tech that drills holes in the OLED screen for the camera to peek through. This is the type of screen used in the current Galaxy S10 family of devices. The HIAA2 device reportedly drills a lot of small holes using a laser to create the camera area in the display.

The report indicates that Samsung plans to implement the UDC feature in foldable phones that are produced in small quantities. One catch with the tech is that placing the camera under the screen results in yellow-tinged and blurry images. However, Samsung is reportedly using a camera algorithm to overcome that issue. Prolific leaker Ice Universe claims that a smartphone with the UDC camera tech will launch next year, but UDC won't launch on the Galaxy Fold 2 or the Galaxy S11. Samsung relaunched its Fold smartphone this month after the device failed spectacularly the first time around.