Samsung To Offer 1 Gigabit XDR DRAM

According to Rambus, Samsung Electronics plans to offer a 1 Gigabit XDR DRAM memory device. As a result of this development, Rambus' technology may finally start to see more widespread availability. The XDR memory architecture is interesting because it achieves performance that is higher than would be attainable by current mainstream memory modules.

"Samsung's market leadership means system manufacturers can be assured of a reliable supply of our XDR DRAM," said Sharon Holt, senior vice president of Licensing and Marketing at Rambus. "With XDR memory's world-leading bandwidth performance, designers can meet their system requirements with fewer devices and greater power efficiency."

Rambus' memory offers excellent bandwidth and operates on less power while still meeting the demands of gaming, computing and consumer electronics applications. So far, only a 1Gb XDR DRAM module has been announced. However, it's possible Samsung could consider manufacturing other models as well.