Samsung to Debut New Galaxy Android and ATIV Windows 8 Devices June 20th in London

Samsung has a few new products up its sleeve that it's planning to unveil at its upcoming "Premiere 2013" event in London on June 20th. What exactly Samsung has in store remains to be seen, though the company did provide a few teaser shots and mention that it will entail new Galaxy and ATIV devices.

There are three partial product photos to gloss over, one of which looks like a notebook lid. If we had to guess, we'd say the other two are smartphone and tablet devices, though it's tough to tell from the teaser shots. Since they're Galaxy and ATIV products, however, we can surmise that Samsung is continuing its focus on Android and Windows 8 product launches.

Samsung Teasers

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The Samsung S4 Mini could make a debut at the London event, as could the recently leaked Galaxy S4 Active, the latter of which is essentially a rugged version of the popular Galaxy S4 with a waterproof and dustproof chassis.

On the Windows 8 side, perhaps a new smartphone or tablet is on tap. The ATIV is Samsung's brand in the Windows Phone market, though given the success it's had with Android, it will be interesting to see how feverishly Samsung wants to push another OS.
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