Samsung To Chase Apple With Galaxy S7 Smartphone Upgrade Program

Though they're bitter rivals in the mobile space, Samsung and Apple often show each other the sincerest form of flattery, which is imitation. You can argue that one copies the other more often, but they both do it, often to the benefit of customers. The latest example of this has Samsung planning to roll out a Galaxy smartphone upgrade program similar to the one Apple offers for its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus devices.

Details are in short order, but it's said the program will kick off with the launch of Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S7, which is expected to happen around March. Like Apple's program for iPhones, Samsung's program would allow customers to upgrade to a new model handset every year in exchange for a monthly fee.


It's not clear if there will be any other perks. Apple offers AppleCare+ warranty service with its upgrade program, which requires a 24-month installment agreement. Samsung may opt to do something similar, either as a value-add or to bring in more revenue by requiring a warranty up-charge in order to participate in the program.

There have been several rumors associated with the Galaxy S7, some suggesting it will have a pressure sensitive display and others saying it will bring back a storage expansion slot, a feature Samsung removed when switching to a premium design for its Galaxy S6 line.

Whatever the case might be, it's likely Samsung will make a splash of some sort. As of the end of last year, Samsung's mobile division has a new boss in D.J. Koh, who replaced J.K. Shin after a series of missteps.