Samsung Galaxy S7 Reportedly Brings Back microSD Slot And Water Resistance

News about Samsung’s Galaxy S7 continues to trickle out. As we mentioned this morning, the Galaxy S7 is an important test for Samsung’s new mobile chief, D.J. Koh, who took over the division only a month ago. It looks as though the Galaxy S7 will have 2560x1440 Super AMOLED screens on both its 5.1-inch and rumored 5.7-inch display option (for the Edge model). The phones will have bigger batteries than previous models, though, with the S7 sporting a 3000mAh battery and S7 Edge’s battery at 3600mAh.

620px Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Interestingly, Samsung is reportedly bringing back the microSD card slot, which was missing in the Galaxy S6 family. Although the lack of a microSD card slot is probably a deal breaker for a very small segment of the market, we’re glad to see Samsung bring the feature back. The slot is expected to accept card capacities up to 200GB, which should give you plenty of elbow room.

Another noteworthy new feature rumored or a return is water resistance. Both models are expected to be certified water up to 1 meter, protecting your phone from puddles, sinks, and – assuming you’re brave enough to retrieve it – the toilet. The phones will also have full protection from dust.

The official unveiling of the Galaxy S7 is still more than a month off, so there are plenty of rumors floating around, but the water resistance and microSD card make sense. Apple’s iPhone 6s is somewhat water-resistant and Apple continues to look for ways to make its phones less susceptible to water damage.