Samsung Teases Galaxy S4 In Latest Commercial

Samsung is set to unveil the latest in its successful Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S4, on March 14th. Rumors abound as to what exactly the S4 has in store, but excitement over the new smartphone is high.

The company is already teasing the S4 in a series of ads on YouTube. A young boy in a suit named Jeremy is entrusted with a mysterious box marked “UNPACKED”. He must keep the contents of the box a secret from everyone, including the girl next door and his own mother.

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3, soon to be replaced

At a certain point, Jeremy can’t resist looking inside the box. He gasps. “It’s my favorite color!” (Come on, what’s your favorite color, Jeremy? What is it?! Is it red, like your power tie? Are those Oreos supposed to be a giveaway?) After a couple of exclamatory statements about how unreal and totally amazing the box’s contents are, we’re left with nothing to go on.

And nothing we shall have, at least until later this week when Samsung gives the full Galaxy S4 monty at its UNPACKED event.