Samsung Takes Shot at RIM in Funny Galaxy Ad

One thing Samsung doesn't lack is a funny bone. Ask Apple, which has been repeatedly bopped on the head with it through a series of advertisements, both on TV and out in the wild. Want a second opinion? Talk to Research In Motion (RIM), Samsung's latest target in a new ad poking fun at people who refuse to give up their BlackBerry devices.

The ad starts off with a group of developers discussing "Unicorn Apocalypse," a game that promises to be the biggest mobile game the company has ever launched. The team leader also announces a new smartphone policy, giving developers the freedom to use any smartphone they want at work.

Cue the comedy. In one scene, a developer asks a co-worker if she's going to consolidate phones. "Oh no, I have a system. This one is for work [points to a BlackBerry device] and this one is for home [points to an iPhone]," the co-worker states.

"Right, but with the Galaxy S III you can...," the developer responds before being cut-off mid-sentence.

"Ally! Respect my system," the co-worker says with an uncomfortable smile.

Samsung Business Tagline

The ad isn't just poking fun at RIM, it's attempting to show that Galaxy devices like the S III and Note II are every bit as capable of being productive gadgets as BlackBerry phones are. As the tagline at the end states, "The next big thing for business is here."