Samsung Suspends Business with Chinese Factory Following Child Labor Investigation

Samsung’s zero tolerance policy towards the use of child labor had a public test this week when Child Labor Watch accused a supplier of hiring children. Samsung investigated the Dongguan Shinyang Electronics Company over the next few days and announced that it is temporarily suspending business with the supplier, based on evidence “of suspected child labor at the worksite.”

The allegations are grim: CLW alleges that the children it discovered were working 11 hour days and being paid for 10. It also claims to have turned up other labor violations, including a lack of protective equipment around chemicals.

Samsung, which makes the Galaxy S5 smartphone, tablets, and other computers halted business with a supplier accused of using child labor.

Samsung is promising to follow through on the zero tolerance policy. “If the investigations conclude that the supplier indeed hired children illegally, Samsung will permanently halt business with the supplier in accordance with its zero tolerance policy on child labor,” Samsung said in an announcement.

Human rights groups accused a Samsung supplier of using child labor in 2012 and an investigation by Samsung concluded the employees in question were of legal age.