Priceless: Samsung Rips On iPhone 5 Fans (Video)

If Apple wasn't worth over half a trillion dollars, we'd almost feel bad about Samsung's comically disparaging ads aimed at the iPhone maker. Sometimes the truth hurts, however, and far be it for us to discourage Samsung from making us laugh by pointing out how silly the whole Apple culture has become.

The latest ad (embedded below) once again pokes fun at the annual ritual of iPhone buyers braving long lines in order to have the latest and greatest version of their iOS device on the day of release. Samsung ran a similar ad campaign when the Galaxy S II was competing against the iPhone 4S, and some will find this one even more funny simply based on the fact that there really isn't anything revolutionary about the iPhone 5. Not that there has to be -- Apple makes a darn good smartphone already -- but the rabid demand for a device that, from a hardware perspective, is playing a game of catch-up to the competition is worth a chuckle or three when it's put into proper perspective, as Samsung does (with a healthy dose of snark).

"This one's 4G," a man waiting in line for an iPhone 5 explains.

"Yeah, we've had that for awhile," a guy holding an Samsung Galaxy S III responds.

"This one's got a big screen," says the iPhone guy.

"This one has a bigger one, and we can share videos instantly, you can watch a video while you're sending an email...," replies the Samsung guy.

Samsung doesn't pull any punches and makes the most out of the minute-and-a-half ad spot, which will inevitably end up trimmed when it airs on TV. One of the recurring themes in the video is Apple's redesigned dock connector, which renders existing charging cables obsolete without a pricey adapter. In Apple's defense, however, "they make the coolest adapters," one of the actors says.

Check it out and tell us whether the ad made you laugh, cry, or both!