Samsung Shows Off Galaxy S5's Videography Chops In Stunning Demo Video

It’s sometimes easy to forget how far camera quality on smartphones has come in a relatively short time; just like point-and-shoot digital cameras did, mobile cameras pumped up the megapixels and then started enjoyed higher-quality optics and manual exposure controls, as well. Samsung’s latest flagship handheld, the Galaxy S5, has what is apparently a very nice camera, as evidenced by a short film called “Sunrise to Sunset”.

Unless you knew that the whole thing was shot on an S5, you’d never have guessed. Samsung Mobile created the film, a sort of day in the life bit around Trieste, Italy, using HDR video at FHD 1080p. You get a sense of how nice the camera can handle different sorts of lighting scenarios from morning until dusk in bright sunlight, diffused afternoon light, and shadows.

Of course, you won’t get the same effects on your own. The filmmakers clearly made professional use of tripods and dollies, and it’s likely they used lighting equipment at times, as well. And of course, they surely processed the video with professional tools, and--no offense here--they’re better at all of it than you and I are.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Even so, it’s impressive to see the quality that a camera module slapped onto a smartphone can produce in the right hands.