Samsung Shows Off 18.5" USB-Driven LCD Monitor

Secondary LCD monitors are growing in popularity. Mimo Monitors seems to come out with a new version every couple of months, and more companies are beginning to create similar rivals. And Samsung, for example, is taking the product category to an entirely different platform. Most of these USB-driven, secondary monitors are around 7" diagonal; Samsung's new version is a whopping 18.5", which is plenty to be a dedicated primary display.

The LCD was demonstrated at SID 2010, and it's fully USB drive. Power consumption was as low as 6.3W, and it only required USB 2.0 to function. The panel on display was powered entirely by a standard mid-tower PC, and according to the company, they should be getting ready to ship the product in 2011. The low power drain is a critical selling point, and it was achieved by "improving the transmittance of the panel and the luminance efficiency of the backlight." The LED-backlit, TN panel has a lifetime of 30,000 hours (around 20,000 shorter than a traditional LCD based on LED backlighting), with a 1,366x768 resolution, 250 cd/m2 brightness and 1,000:1 contrast ratio.

There was no mention of a price just yet, but if you had enough USB ports, you could easily create your own Eyefinity type of panel without forking out for an expensive GPU. Of course, it would be tough to handle high frame-rate gaming on such a low-res panel, but it'd be great for scientific applications.