Samsung's High-Tech Sneakers Let Your Kicks Control Your Phone With A Tap Dance

hero samsung shortcut sneaker
Samsung looks to give the wearable device industry a swift kick in the pants with its upcoming limited edition Shortcut Sneaker. The smart sneaker will allow wearers to perform certain actions on a Samsung phone simply by moving their feet.

When it comes to smart wearable devices, a shoe may be one of the last things that comes to mind. Samsung, however, is putting its foot into the ring with its Shortcut Sneaker. The actions are made possible through sensors built-in to the sneakers soles, allowing wearers to trigger five shortcuts with five unique movements. According to Samsung, the algorithm powering these gestures gets smarter and more accurate over time.

While every movement required to trigger the actions is not made clear, one example given (and shown in the video below) is to make a phone call by clicking your heels together (the same motion Dorothy eventually used with her ruby red slippers to exit the Land of Oz). Samsung suggest users can also perform the moonwalk and other dance moves to make calls and play music.

Now, if a pair of these sneakers sounds like the perfect addition to a collection of footwear, it should be noted that only six are available. And if that didn’t make it tough enough to get one’s hands on a pair, the six pairs are reportedly being given away through a contest, which only Samsung Netherlands Members can take part in. For those fortunate enough to be a Samsung Netherlands Member, they can take part through the app until July 9, 2024.

samsung shortcut sneaker promo

Companies such as Samsung are always trying to find new ways to expand on wearable technology. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ring is just one example. The tech giant remarked its ring will offer users an all-new-way to simplify wellness, while empowering them with more insights and ways to understand themselves 24/7. 

One can only imagine how Samsung would market the Shortcut Sneaker to the masses. Maybe something along the lines of “The Shortcut Sneaker will allow wearers to dance their way through the roughest of days, making taking a call while in a meeting fun again.”

The Shortcut Sneakers are being made by Samsung in collaboration with Elitac Wearables, Brut Amsterdam, Cheil Benelux, and sneaker designer Roel van Hoff. It is unclear at the moment if these unique sneakers will make their way to consumers worldwide, but perhaps if the Shortcut Sneaker garners enough attention and hype, Samsung will answer the call (perhaps by performing a Pirouette).