Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Gets Torn Down: N570 Within

Ever wondered what was deep, deep within a Chrome OS-based machine? Google's Cr-48 has been cracked open before, but what about the newest duo? Acer and Samsung announced their respective Chromebooks at Google I/O this year, and a few of the earlier ones have started to ship out. The Series 5 3G Chromebook has fallen into the hands of the folks at iFixit, which have never turned down the chance to crack open a product for the sake of doing so. And, truthfully, for the sake of uncovering the specifics underneath.

It's always interesting to take a look at what makes certain things tick, and Samsung's first Chromebook is no different. The Series 5 looks fairly easy to crack open, but there's a few major differences between the Series 5 and the original Cr-48. The latter has removable RAM, while the Series 5 has its RAM soldered onto the motherboard. The Cr-48 has a battery that's accessible by the user from the outside, while the Series 5 has a sealed battery; you'll need to remove the rear casing to access it. Furthermore, the Series 5 has an Atom N570 with dual cores, whereas the Cr-48 shipped with a single-core Atom N455.

There are plenty of swell macro shots of the teardown in the Via link below; if you're anxious to see what's inside your next netbook, have a look!