Samsung Sells 30 Million Galaxy S III Smartphones Worldwide

Korean smartphone maker Samsung announced that it has sold more than 30 million Galaxy S III devices around the globe to date. Samsung's Polish division posted the announcement on Twitter and Facebook, along with a pic of what looks to be staff members celebrating the achievement, but has since pulled both posts offline, perhaps because it's preparing a formal press release.

"We have already sold 30 million Samsung Galaxy S III phones worldwide! Have you had a chance to test its features?," Samsung's Polish division posted to Twitter.

Samsung Celebration

Samsung has reason to jump for joy. Despite all the lawsuits over patent infringement and intense competition from Apple's iPhone line, including the recently released iPhone 5, the Galaxy S III is still a popular device that's finding its way into millions of homes around the world.

Google's affordable Nexus 4 smartphone threatens to steal some market share away from both camps, but unlike the Galaxy S III or iPhone 5, the Nexus 4 isn't equipped with a 4G LTE radio. It also lacks a microSD card slot, a feature that's found on Samsung's flagship device.