Samsung Says A Galaxy S21 120Hz Display Bug Is Affecting Many Users And Promises A Fix

samsung galaxy s21 in hand front
Those who are using a Samsung Galaxy S21 might have just updated to Android 12 last week, and in very rare form, even the US carrier variants of the smartphone received the new Android OS update on that same day as international counterparts. This update came with a drawback unfortunately, however, as the version went live with a bug lurking in the device's display refresh rate.

The Galaxy S21 will end up going from 120Hz to 60Hz as soon as your finger stops touching the display, which as you might imagine will introduce jitter or make the phone seem laggy, as animations and scrolling would have a sudden change in refresh rate. This of course is not how the phone was shipped and is unintended behavior, such that Samsung has also now confirmed the issue. 

samsung galaxy s21 dsiplaying movie

Samsung users jumped into the company's official forum to complain and were met with a moderator noting that their team had escalated the issue and developers are working on a fix. This bug specifically affects the Snapdragon 888-equipped Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21+ and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung hopes to have this fixed by the next software update, though the timeframe of when that will be pushed out has not been made official yet.

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Let us know in the comments if you have an Samsung Galaxy S21 or any of its variants, and if you are experiencing these issues first-hand.