Galaxy S20 Comes With Samsung's First Dedicated Data Security Chip

samsung sec chip
Samsung has announced its new Secure Element solution that offers secure key storage with CC EAL (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level) 5+ certification and dedicated security software for enhanced data protection. The new Secure Element features a security chip and optimized software designed to guard private data on isolated data storage. Samsung says that smart devices continue to offer more applications that enforce strong security requirements and its S3K250AF and associated software is a turnkey solution.

Samsung says that it's Secure Element solution enables new mobile applications that will "broaden" user's lives by securely storing confidential and cryptographic data including PIN numbers, passwords, and crypto currency credentials separate from typical mobile memory such as embedded Flash Storage (eUFS). The S3K250AF-based Secure Element includes a microcontroller, advanced hardware-level protection, and an optimized secure OS.

samsung sec chip pencil

Samsung says its solution adds additional countermeasures to defend mobile devices against attacks using reverse engineering, power glitches, and laser attacks. Its protection makes it harder for others to access or copy confidential data from the mobile device. The hardware is also able to manage failed attempts and prevent replay attacks by only accepting the latest authentication request as valid.

According to the company, its new Secure Element solution is currently in mass production and will be featured in the Galaxy S20 smartphone family. Despite its performance, the solution Samsung came up with is also very small taking little space inside a smartphone allowing designers more freedom to make devices as thin as possible. Samsung Electronics announced the Galaxy S20 line of smartphones earlier this month at its Unpacked event.