Samsung Rumored to Build Next Galaxy S Smartphone with Metal Casing

Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones are highly regarded among Android users and a large reason why the South Korean handset maker is able to give Apple a run for its money. At the same time, if there's one complaint that Samsung has yet to fully address, it's that some people feel there's too much plastic in the construction, giving phones like the Galaxy S4 a cheaper feel than, say, an iPhone 5 or the all-aluminum HTC One.

If the rumors are true, then it would appear Samsung has heard your complaints and will address them in the next iteration of the Galaxy S. As the rumor goes, the Galaxy S5, or whatever the next model ends up being called, will go with a metal design, perhaps aluminum..

Samsung Galaxy in Metal
Image Source: ET News

The reason Samsung has stuck with plastic is because it's both lightweight and resistant to damage. It's also probably a little bit cheaper to produce, but since the Galaxy S line commands a premium, it shouldn't be an issue to move to a metal construction, if that's in fact what Samsung decides to do.

According to a translated ET News report, not only will Samsung go that route, but it's already developed initial samples in a factory in Vietnam.