Samsung Rumored To Be Readying USIM-Equipped ‘Gear Solo’ Smartwatch

Samsung is rumored to be developing a standalone version of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch called the “Gear Solo”, which would actually feature a USIM card and thus allow the device to make and receive calls without needing to be paired with a smartphone.

One of the complaints, legitimate or not, about most smartwatches is that they’re effectively expensive, fancy accessories for smartphones. Sure, it’s really something to be able to get your notifications, answer phone calls, and see the weather on your wrist, but you still have to have a smartphone in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2
Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

A standalone device makes a great deal of sense. The Korea Herald reported that the Gear Solo will be a joint effort between Samsung and SK Telecom, and Samsung has already filed for a patent in Korea for a device of that name.

The Gear Solo will be released in Korea at first, but there’s no word on when or if availability would expand to other parts of the world, as well.