Samsung ReRAM Innovation Could Make Flash Memory Look Slow

ReRAM? Yep, it's real, but it's not the kind of stuff you slap into a DIMM in order to run Photoshop with less lag. Samsung's working on a new and improved version of their rewritability and speed of resistance random access memory (ReRAM), which is said to be a next-gen nonvolatile memory. The real standout feature is that it can switch as fast as 10ns, which makes it perfect for nonvolatile working memory. That's around one million times faster than that of existing flash memory, just to give you a better idea.

What does that mean for your future? It's hard to say right now. This is all quite a long ways out from reality, but it could mean faster chips, storage and overall performance on everything from tablets to phones to PCs. The future's looking bright!
Tags:  Samsung, memory, RAM, reram