Samsung Reportedly Sees 30 Percent Return Rate for Galaxy Gear Smartwatches

We've been skeptical of the whole smartwatch movement since it began, and though it's still early in the game, there might already be evidence that these devices just aren't going to be as popular as manufacturers hoped they would be. Case in point is the unusually high return rate Samsung is seeing for its recently released Galaxy Gear device.

The folks over at claim to have received a leaked document revealing that over 30 percent of all Galaxy Gear smartwatches purchased at Best Buy locations are being returned. There's no doubt that Samsung employees are pushing these devices at their Experience Shops in Best Buy, but even so, having nearly a third of these items get returned is abnormally high.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

As it stands, Samsung doesn't know why so many Galaxy Gear smartwatches are being returned and have asked their on-site employees to help figure it out. We can speculate that it might have to do with buyer's remorse rather than defective units. After all, these devices cost $299 each, and once customers get home, they may find out they're just not using them enough to justify the cost.

The Galaxy Gear features a 1.63-inch display with a 320x320 resolution, 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, built-in speaker, two microphones with noise cancellation, 1.9MP camera, and various sensors. They're intended to be paired with Samsung's Galaxy devices via Bluetooth.

What's your take on the smartwatch craze? Do you think there's a significant market for these devices?