Samsung Readying Eye-Popping 11K Mobile Display With 2250 PPI For 2018 Debut

It's beginning to look like there's really no limit to how far display vendors will take their resolutions. While the world is still trying to catch up to 4K, some companies have been promoting 5K, and at this past CES, we even saw an 8K being exhibited. Next up? As far as Samsung seems to be concerned, it's 11K.

Let's put things into perspective here. 4K is 3840x2160, and is by all accounts a seriously large resolution. 5K is 5120x2880 and then we have 8K, which checks in at 7680x4320. As you can tell, moving up the "K" scale doesn't signify minor jumps, but rather enormous ones. So where does 11K put us?

Samsung Display Presentation

An exact resolution is not mentioned, although we are told the resulting panel will boast a staggering ppi of 2,250. That doesn't tell us much about the actual resolution though; instead, it just tells us that this monstrous resolution will be in a modest-sized display.

If we're to scale the resolution upwards and stick to multiples of 1080p, that'd put us at 11520x6480, or 1080p x 36. Of course, being an odd number, 11K could detract a bit from 1080p scaling like 5K does and give us more unique resolution. What I am fairly confident of is that Samsung's 11K will be composed of no less than 60 million pixels.

Is your 2 million pixel 1080p monitor looking long in the tooth yet?