LG Shows Off 8K Display And Curved-Edge Galaxy Note Edge Competitor

Massive displays are everywhere you look at the Consumer Electronics Show, but I found that some of the most interesting displays at CES 2015 are small: LG Display has some slick new technology for smartphones and a prototype for car dashboards that we hope will be showing up in cars soon.

LG Display has a smartphone scree with touchable sides. You can view incoming messages on this smarphone's sides.
Touch-sensitive sides put icons and sliders in easy reach on this LG Display phone.

A smartphone with curved edges struck me as unnecessary and unwieldy – until I got a chance to check out LG Display’s 6-inch smartphone with an “active bending” plastic OLED display. Notifications, including text message, can slide up the side of the phone and are surprisingly easy to ready as they pass by. The edges can also put icons and sliders in easy reach.

Plastic OLED gives LG Display a lot of room for bendable, touch displays.

Plastic OLED displays are flexible and extremely tough. LG Display’s 5.5 inch FHD Curved display has a screen that is curved like a curved TV. If you haven't seen the LG G Flex2, it's another curved smartphone worth checking out.

Of course, LG Display’s booth also has plenty of huge displays. One of the most impressive new displays is the LG Display 98-inch 8K screen, which has a 7680x4320 resolution. This kind of display is out of reach for most buyers, but it provides a tantalizing view of what’s headed our way in the years ahead.

LGD 8ka

LGD 8kb

The real question for companies like LG Display is going to be whether consumers feel compelled to make the jump from 4k to higher resolutions like the 8k display. The difference between common HDTVs and 4k displays is significant, so it’s easy to justify paying more for 4k. There’s also a noticeable difference between 4k and 8k, but I don’t know if it’s going to drive 8k sales.