Samsung Appears To Be Readying A Black Beauty Version Of The Galaxy S7

Samsung could use a boost in smartphone sales after dealing with the financial fallout from its Galaxy Note 7 recall. That is exactly that the South Korean electronics maker is hoping to get by borrowing a page from Apple's playbook, the one that focuses on design and color options rather than highlighting all the geeky details that appear foreign to everyday consumers. To that end, get ready for a new glossy black version of the Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy S7 is Samsung's flagship smartphone. Fortunately for Samsung, it doesn't suffer the same overheating issue that caused the original and even replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices to catch fire. Now at around eight months old, a new color option could reinvigorate interest in the Galaxy S7 before attention turns towards the unannounced (and inevitable) Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Glossy Black

Those who are apparently in the know say that Samsung is planning to launch the glossy black color option next month. The sooner it can push the new SKU out the door the better it will probably be for Samsung, as it has a chance to capitalize on the holiday shopping season, which officially kicks off tomorrow (Black Friday).

In addition to boosting mobile sales in light of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, the glossy black color option is also an answer to Apple's Jet Black iPhone 7. Apple is no stranger to using different color options to build excitement for its handsets, such as adding Gold, Rose Gold, and now Jet Black to its lineup. The Cupertino outfit is also savvy in limiting availability—iPhone 7 shoppers who want the Jet Black model must pay more for either the 128GB or 256GB model, as the Jet Black color option is not available on the 64GB iPhone 7.

Samsung is learning the value of color options, too. The company is reportedly selling 15,000 Coral Blue Galaxy S7 handsets per day since launching it earlier this month.