Samsung Readies Bodacious 49-inch 5120x1440 120Hz Display Panels For Gaming Monitors

Samsung turned a few heads last year when it released the super-wide CHG90, a massively long 49-inch curved gaming monitor with a 3840x1080 resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and FreeSync 2 support. It was a unique entry at the time, though it may also have served as a proof-of-concept (or proof-of-market) for others display makes. How so? word on the web is that Samsung is going to produce 49-inch gaming panels for others this fall.

News of Samsung's plans comes from TFTCentral, which says that Samsung is keenly focused in the ultra-wide format and intends to manufacturer several such panels.

Samsung CHG90
Samsung CHG90

"Ultra-wide format displays are becoming increasingly popular and [Samsung] will continue to invest in not only the more common 16:9 and 21:9 format, but also in 18.5:9 and 32:9 aspect ratio displays. This will be coupled with a push towards more curved panels and typical sizes will be 34-inch, 43.4-inch and 49-inch," the site says.

What's most interesting about Samsung's future plans is a 49-inch panel that is supposedly in development. While that is the same size as already found on the CHG90, the new panel will up the ante with a higher 5120x1440 resolution, also known as dual quad HD, or DQHD. The panel will sport the same 3-sided frameless design, and have a slightly slower 120Hz refresh rate.

It will also boast an 1800R curvature, because let's face it, a curved panel makes sense when you're talking about a 49-inch display monitor for PC gaming. Curved panels are of questionable value on smaller size displays, but for a super-wide monitor like the CHG90 and whatever other 49-inch monitors are in the pipeline, it can make things easier on your peripheral vision.

Other specs are not yet known, though we imagine it will at least have FreeSync 2 support, if not G-Sync. Baking HDR support into the mix would be a welcome amenity too, though the more of that stuff that gets tossed in, the higher the price will inevitably be. As a point of reference, the CHG90 sells for around $949 on Amazon.