Samsung Posts Record Earnings in Q4 But Company Urges Caution For Slower Growth in 2013

Samsung had its best quarter ever, posting a quarterly profit 7.04 trillion won ($6.6 billion), up an eye-popping 76 percent from 4.01 trillion won a year prior. Revenues for the quarter came to 56.06 trillion won ($52.06 billion) on a consolidated basis, up 7 percent sequentially.

The company's Mobile Communications division performed exceptionally well, generating quarterly revenues of 27.23 trillion won ($25.3 billion), up four percent from the previous quarter. Samsung said the growth was mainly driven by solid sales of it's popular Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II devices.

Galaxy Note II

LED TV sales also helped drive Samsung's growth. The company said it experienced stronger demand for TV products in both developed and emerging markets, as LED TV sales drove overall market growth of over 40 percent on-quarter. In addition, Samsung outperformed the market for LED TVs.

Despite all the positives, Samsung warned that this kind of performance is nigh impossible to maintain. The company said it expects off-peak seasonality to dampen on-quarter TV sales, and was equally cautionary about its business as a whole.