Samsung Pokes Fun at Apple Maps in Australia

The sly dogs at Samsung fired off a humorous cheap shot at Apple in Australia that makes fun of the whole Apple Maps fiasco. Of course, making fun of Apple and it's legion of fans isn't exactly new territory for Samsung, this one just happens to hit really close to home, especially for Australian motorists who were warned by police not to rely on the built-in Apple Maps software in iOS 6.

Sitting not-so-innocently on George Street in Syndey is a Samsung sign that lobs the first grenade:

Samsung Oops Sign
Image Source: CNet Australia

Directly behind the sign is the second grenade, a muddied jeep that presumably got lost on its travels because the driver was using an iPhone 5 instead of a Galaxy S III:

Samsung Jeep
Image Source: CNet Australia

The cheeky ad campaign is sure to hit home with Australian motorists who found themselves stranded after relying on Apple Maps, which was showing Mildura near a part of Murray Sunset National Park. It's actually located 40 miles to the northeast.

Relief is in sight, however, as Google just launched its Google Maps app in iTunes. Proper directions are just a click away.