Samsung Backs Plume Wi-Fi Mesh Tech For New Router And Upgrades SmartThings Hub

samsung smartthings mesh router 1
Samsung is upgrading its SmartThings family with the addition of some newly upgraded products. Samsung has been working to bolster its smart home credentials ever since its purchased the SmartThings home automation platform four years ago, and today we're seeing the release of the all-new SmartThings WiFi mesh network system.

As its name implies, this is a wireless router that leverages mesh technology to blanket a home or office with high-speed internet coverage. This isn't Samsung's first mesh WiFi router, as it currently sells the Connect Home Mesh WiFi system. However, the new SmartThings WiFi mesh network system leverages technology from Plume.

samsung smartthings 1

It's probably a good idea that Samsung looked to Plume to bolster its mesh WiFi capabilities, because its homegrown solution hasn't exactly been winning over many customers. With Plume integration, Samsung is able to offer artificial intelligence-based network optimization to better learn how devices interact on your network and divvy up resources accordingly. Plume is a well-known quantity when it comes to mesh networking, and Comcast is selling xFi Pods, Wi-Fi extenders using Plume’s technology and its in-house firmware and software.

samsung smartthings 2

As its name implies, the router includes a built-in SmartThings Hub, which means that you're able to control a host of smart devices that leverage the Zigbee and Z-Wave wireless protocols. Samsung is selling the SmartThings WiFi mesh network system in a three-pack for $280, however, it will also sell single wireless nodes for $120 each.

In addition, Samsung has introduced an upgraded version of its standalone SmartThings Hub (for those that don't need a new wireless router). Unlike the previous generation, which needed to be plugged directly into your wireless router, the 2018 edition can communicate wirelessly with your router. So, if you want to keep your wireless router upstairs, but have your SmartThings Hub downstairs where the majority of your smart devices reside, you can do so. The new SmartThings Hub is priced at $70.