Samsung Wants In On The IOT, Acquires Home Automation Startup SmartThings

The Internet, as you know, is increasingly becoming intertwined in just about everything. From phones to coffee makers to automobiles, if there's a way to add a connection, it's being added. The next frontier seems to be the home. Automating an abode isn't entirely novel, but doing so on a consumer level has become quite a popular goal of late. A few years back, SmartThings launched to harmonize ZigBee and Z-Wave products, while producing apps that would enable homeowners to unify various smart products.

Today, SmartThings is being added to Samsung's portfolio. In an effort to keep pace with its primary rivals, Samsung has acquired the start-up for a reported $200 million, giving itself a shot in the arm when it comes to having a platform to tap into for next-generation automating. Samsung's Galaxy line of phones have become hugely popular, and having an Internet of Things company such as SmartThings around will no doubt bolster future offerings.

Despite the news, SmartThings' CEO insists that it'll be allowed to continue operations as an "independent" company within Samsung's Open Innovation sector. That means that iOS support shouldn't wane, though it's headquarters will shift to Palo Alto to be within Samsung's walls on the west coast.

For early backers of the tech, they're no doubt hoping that Samsung's ownership won't take away from innovative development. For Galaxy loyalists, they're likely hoping for tighter home automation controls in future hardware/software roll-outs.