Samsung Pay Framework Reportedly Draining Battery On Some Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Pay has been a mainstay for Galaxy smartphone users in the U.S. market, as the digital payment service first launched back in 2015. However, a new problem has now surfaced for some Android users that has to do with actual the Samsung Pay framework.

samsung pay

Samsung Pay framework is an app that is bundled on Samsung phones that is designed to provide some of the functionality for Samsung Pay. Usually, that app works quietly in the background drawing no attention to itself, but of late the framework has a big issue for some users. For some, the app is causing significant battery drain. Reports of the battery drain issue have turned up on Reddit with some users claiming that battery usage for the app is as high as 60%.

Some users report that the fix for the battery drain issue was to merely force-stop the app. Others claim that the fix had to do with disabling battery optimization. There is no official statement from Samsung on the battery drain issue that some users are seeing. Samsung Pay hasn't been without its issues since it launched over three years ago; one such issue surfaced in 2016 with word that the Samsung Pay service was subject to possible credit card skimming, but such an attack was unlikely. 

Most of the recent Samsung news had to do with the folding smartphone that the company has been teasing for a while. The Galaxy F folding smartphone was allegedly shown off behind closed doors at CES 2019. The official unveil for the Galaxy F and Galaxy S10 is said to be at a Samsung Unpacked event to be held February 20. Rumors have tipped the price of the Galaxy F to be as high as $2,500.