Samsung's Galaxy F Folding Flagship Phone Could Cost A Mind-Blowing $2,500

Rumors about the Samsung folding smartphone, thought to be called the Galaxy F at this point, have been floating around for months. Samsung unveiled a prototype device earlier this month at a conference giving us a glimpse at what the phone would offer, but the device was hidden inside a bulky case to conceal the final design. A couple of weeks ago the device was tipped to launch in March 2019 and to carry a price tag of $1,750.

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That price would certainly make the phone too costly for many potential buyers. However, a new report has surfaced that claims the Galaxy F folding smartphone might be even more expensive than expected. According to this report, the smartphone will sell for as much as $2,500. The source also claims that the smartphone will have very limited availability, and will only be available to purchase -- at least in the in the UK market -- via two outlets.

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In the UK, Samsung stores will offer the device SIM-free, and it will be offered SIM-free or on a contract via UK carrier EE. There was no indication of how availability would work in the U.S. from the source. As is common with most smartphones, there will be more than one version of the Galaxy F. A range of prices cited by the source runs from £1,500 to £2,000, which works out to $1,900 to $2,500.

The assumption is that the price will vary depending on how much storage buyers opt for and perhaps how much RAM is tucked inside. It's hard to know if these pricing rumors are accurate; we still don't know the full specs for the smartphone or even the real name. While the Galaxy F name has been long rumored, Galaxy X and Galaxy Flex have also floated as potential names for the smartphone. We should know everything about this long-rumored device when the Mobile World Congress rolls around in February.