Samsung Packs Up Boxee For $30 Million

Boxee has steadily added to its portfolio of streaming hardware and software over the last few years, from its quirky Boxee Box streaming appliance to the Boxee Cloud DVR (which are actually made by D-Link) to software that runs on a number of devices. Now, the company is reportedly being acquired by Samsung.

Techcrunch reports that Samsung is paying about $30 million for Boxee and will bring over all 45 or so of Boxee’s employees.

Boxee Cloud DVR, now owned by Samsung
Boxee Cloud DVR interface

With Boxee and its assets, Samsung has another valuable arrow in its quiver of streaming capabilities. The company already makes Smart TVs that allow users to stream from a number of services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and others, but bringing in Boxee’s team would allow Samsung to improve on its interface and perhaps improve on its Smart TV software and even build in better hardware.

Boxee Cloud DVR, now owned by Samsung
Boxee Cloud DVR, front and back

Boxee’s new cloud DVR capabilities might also be Samsung’s target.

One issue is that D-Link currently makes Boxee hardware; it’s hard to imagine that that will continue to happen with Samsung as the parent company, but if Samsung indeed is interested in Boxee technology for its Smart TVs, the need to manufacture the actual boxes may be obviated anyway.