These Samsung OLED And Mini TV Plus Soundbar Deals Are So Good You'll Holler Woot!

Samsung OLED TV and soundbar system on a yellow background.
Could your home theater use an upgrade or two? Call it fortuitous timing, then, because the deal gurus at Woot are serving up big discounts on some of Samsung's best TV and soundbar products. Most of the products on sale come from the upper range of Samsung's lineup, including discounts on mini LED and OLED TVs, and a sweet price on its premium soundbar system.

For anyone who has never heard of Woot, it's a daily deals site that's been serving up discounts for two and a half decades. Amazon acquired the site in 2020 for $110 million, so it's sort of like buying from Amazon (you can use your Amazon account) but at lower prices. And in this case, everything up for grabs is a new item, not refurbished, and backed by Samsung's standard warranty.

Samsung S95C 4K OLED TV

Samsung S95C OLED TV hanging on a wall in a living room.

One of the items that is up for grabs is Samsung's 4K OLED TV (S95C). Woot's offering two sizes for a discount, including the 65-inch model for $1,777.99 (46% off MSRP) and the 77-inch model for $2,747.99 (39% off). Those are significant markdowns, even over Amazon's current street pricing—the 65-inch model is currently listed for $2,197.99 and the 77-inch model for $3,297.99, so you're looking at street pricing discounts of $420 and $550, respectively.

The S95C is Samsung's 2023 OLED TV that's since been supplanted by the S95D. Don't let the last-gen label fool you, though. According to the display experts at Rtings, the S95C offers better pre-calibration accuracy, making a great choice for anyone that doesn't want to spend a bunch of time fiddling with the settings.

They also describe the S95C as a "superb TV for any usage," whether that be for watching TV shots, sports, HDR movies, or playing video games. Simply put, these are fantastic prices for a high-end OLED TV.

Samsung NEO QLED 4K SN90C Mini LED TV

Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN90C TV on a blurry background.

If you prefer mini LED over OLED, Woot has you covered there as well. Samsung's Neo QLED 4K QN90C TV is also on sale in two size options, including the 75-inch model for $1,887.99 (43% off MSRP) and the ginormous 85-inch variant for $2,367.99 (51% off). Amazon itself only lists the QN90C with bundled warranty packages, but for reference, Best Buy has the 75-inch model on sale for $2,199.99 and the 85-inch model for $2,599.99, so Woot's pricing saves you $312 and $232, respectively, over current street pricing.

The QN90C is another excellent TV option that was released in 2023. Mini LED backlighting provides exceptional brightness and tighter control of what parts of a scene to light up via local dimming zones, which in turn reduces blooming (otherwise known as the halo effect).

This is a great option for gaming, too, with four HDMI 2.1 ports (each of which offers variable refresh rate or VRR support), low input lag, and a native 120Hz refresh rate. I own a previous version of this TV (QN90A, 85-inch) with only one HDMI port of the 2.1 variety, and am jealous that the QN90C comes with more. Otherwise, I remain very happy with it (and I also paid quite a bit more when I picked it up in 2021—around $3,700 after tax, ouch!).

Samsung HW-Q990C 11.1.4-Channel Soundbar System

Samsung's HW-Q990C soundbar system on a gray gradient background.

Once you have your TV situation all figured out, it's time to turn you attention to audio. One route is a full fledged home theater speaker system. However, if you want great sound from a package that's easier to set up, a soundbar is your ticket.

Woot's offering a few different soundbar options for sale, including Samsung's HW-Q990C soundbar, an 11.1-4-channel system with Dolby Atmost support. I can personally vouch for this soundbar as I picked it up last month and have been annoying the neighbors in my townhouse complex ever since.

The bass is improved compared to the previous version (which I had also owned before upgrading). My only real gripe is the lack of 120Hz passthrough, which means you'll need to hook your game console directly to your TV if you need a fast refresh (that's been resolved in the newer HW-Q990D). Otherwise, this is a steller soundbar.

Here are a few more items that are on sale...
  • Samsung QLED 4K LS03d The Frame TV: $997.99 to $2,847.99
  • Samsung The Terrace Partial Sun QLED 4K LST7T TV: $2,276.99 to $3,647.99
  • Samsung Q80C QLED 4K TV: $1,727.99
  • Samsung QLED The Frame TV (Previous Model): $727.99 to $2,674.99
  • Samsung Neo QLED QN85A 4K TV: $1,447.99
  • Samsung 3.2.1-Channel Soundbar: $337.99
  • Samsung HW-Q30C 9.1.4-Channel Soundbar: $697.99
Hit up the main Woot landing link to grab any of the above.