Samsung Mobile Jobs, Bonuses In Jeopardy As Annual Performance Review Looms

Samsung employees have had a rough few months, and things are only going to get worse -- the South Korean corporation's annual performance reviews are just around the corner. In the wake of the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 release and recall, many mobile phone employees fear that their salaries will be significantly decreased, or that they will be fired.

Samsung’s mobile employees were once celebrated and credited with helping to more firmly establish the corporation’s global presence. The mobile unit accounted for only 27% of Samsung’s revenue in 2010. This number skyrocketed to 61% in 2013.


Those who worked in the mobile unit negotiated with some of Samsung’s biggest customers and consequently received the highest salaries. Mobile division head J.K. Shin received a 12.8 billion won ($11 million USD) annual bonus in 2014, which was 75% higher than any of the other heads. Mobile employees received a 50% larger bonus than employees in their divisions, despite falling mobile phone sales.

What happens when you release a product that is responsible for harming people and is banned throughout the world? That is what Samsung mobile employees are currently wondering.

Galaxy Note7 Front

One Samsung employee stated, “Everyone's afraid to be heard even breathing. here will be punitive measures; someone will have to take responsibility for this.” Samsung has claimed that it will not be reconstructing its management, however, most of the employees expect a massive turnover and that a number of managers will be fired.

Many Samsung employees stated that they were angry that the reputation of the company has been hurt by the actions of a few. Several investors and analysts expect that top executives like Koh Dong-jin, Samsung’s mobile chief who has been in his job less than a year, will be held responsible. Samsung has not yet placed any blame and claims, “We are working around the clock to analyze the causes of the reported cases.”