Samsung Launches Galaxy Camera with 4G Connectivity at AT&T

Do you ever take a picture with your phone’s camera simply because it’s easier to put it on Facebook from the phone than it would be with your full camera? If so, you’re the kind of person AT&T would like to talk to. The mobile carrier and Samsung announced a new Android-based camera that boasts a 4G connection. And with 21x optical zoom and a 16MP backside illumination (BSI) CMOS sensor, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is no phone cam.

The Touchscreen On The Samsung Galaxy Camera Lets You Manage Photos And Android

What’s most interesting about the Galaxy Camera is that it runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on a 1GHz quad-core processor. The camera has a 4.8-inch HD LCD so you can properly see your photos and the OS, and it supports your Google Play apps. The included Share Shot software lets you share your images with other Galaxy devices within 200 feet and AllShare Play lets you send the pics to certain PCs and Samsung Smart TVs. That said, you’re most likely to use the camera for uploading images directly to social networks and photos sharing sites. Pricing hasn’t been released yet.
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