Samsung Issues Stealth Fix For Galaxy Note 5 ‘Reversed’ S-Pen Design Flaw

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It seems like just yesterday when we reported on some inattentive Galaxy Note 5 users inserting their S-Pen backwards, which in turn got it stuck within its silo. While removing the S-Pen was for the most part possible (if enough force was used), it would invariably break the pen detection on the smartphone.

When the issue first gained the attention of the public, Samsung basically told customers to RTFM, stating, “We highly recommend our Galaxy Note 5 users follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure they do not experience such an unexpected scenario caused by reinserting the S-Pen in the other way around."

note 5 and s6 edge plus 3

And Samsung was right; on page 25 of the user manual is a warning that clearly states inserting the pen backwards can “cause it to become stuck and can damage the pen and your phone.” As word of the Galaxy Note 5 “design flaw” spread, Samsung made the effort to bring more attention to the issue by slapping a warning sticker on the front of the device. Given this prominent placing, there’s no way that a customer could say that they weren’t forewarned about the possibility for damage to their Galaxy Note 5.

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Warning

But what about your friends or relatives that might borrow your Galaxy Note 5 for a few brief minutes and haplessly insert the S-Pen backwards? Well, it appears that Samsung has ushered in a more permanent solution. The latest batch of Galaxy Note 5 smartphones are shipping with a revised PCB that no longer destroys the pen detection when an S-Pen is inserted backwards. Front and center is a new, more elaborately designed tab (for pen detection) that will work if the pen is inserted correctly or backwards.

It’s a simple design change on the part of Samsung, and as Phandroid puts it, it will likely reduce the number of warranty claims received. However, there’s only one downside to this new and improved pen detection mechanism — there’s no way to tell if the Galaxy Note 5 you purchase is so equipped unless you insert the S-Pen backwards and then attempt to remove it – or maybe you should just leave well enough alone...