Samsung Intros Speedy 64Gb Toggle DDR 2.0 NAND Flash Memory

Faster, denser RAM may seem a bit boring at first glance, but it's hardly so. Faster memories make for faster computers, and new introductions in this sector lead to lower overall rates. Samsung has just revealed their newest product: 64Gb toggle DDR 2.0 NAND flash memory with a whopping 400Mbps transfer rate. The best part is that this isn't a pipe dream; this is reality, and it's already reaching the production stage.

It's being called the industry's first production of a high-performance toggle DDR 2.0 multi-level-cell (MLC) memory chip, with the new module featuring a 64 gigabit (Gb) density, made possible by using an advanced 20 nanometer class process technology. The chip is designed to support the high-performance requirements of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and solid state drives (SSDs).

Equipped with a toggle DDR (Double Data Rate) 2.0 interface, the new 64Gb MLC chip can transmit data at a bandwidth of up to 400 megabit per second (Mbps). This provides a 10-fold increase over the 40Mbps Single Data Rate (SDR) NAND flash memory in widespread use today, and a three-fold boost over 133Mbps toggle DDR 1.0, 32Gb NAND flash memory, which Samsung was first to produce in 2009. Further, the new 64Gb MLC NAND chip offers an approximate 50-percent increase in productivity over 20nm-class 32Gb MLC NAND chips with a toggle DDR 1.0 interface (which Samsung started producing in April last year) and more than doubles the productivity of 30nm-class 32Gb MLC NAND.

Hopefully it'll hit products soon, and we'll be seeing new baselines set in the benchmarks. Forgive us for craving speed in any area we can get it -- it's not a crime, is it?
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