Samsung Gives Galaxy Note 4 A Drop Test Beat-Down To Demo Ruggedness

Do you think Samsung is perhaps on cloud nine after seeing Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch marred by the whole "bendgate" hysteria? Sure, reports of the iPhone 6 models warping are a bit exaggerated and overblown, but leave it to rival Samsung to use Apple's misfortune as an opportunity to pimp its Galaxy Note 4. Rather than take to Twitter with a snide remark, however, this time around Samsung posted a new video that focuses squarely on the ruggedness of its flagship phablet.

Samsung previously posted a video showing how difficult it is to bend, warp, and ultimately break the Galaxy Note 4, and this time around, the South Korean handset maker decided to give viewers a glimpse of its drop testing procedures. Not for the faint of heart, the video shows the Galaxy Note 4 being repeatedly dropped on hard surfaces, and yes, sometimes it lands face down.

Drop Test

"Samsung makes and sells hundreds of millions of smart devices every year, and part of its efforts to make sure consumers can have peace of mind using it, Samsung runs rigorous tests both during and after development and production. This video shows the Galaxy Note 4 undergoing the Drop Test, Automatic Drop Test, and Tumble Test," Samsung explains.

Take your heart medication and then check it out below:

The drop test consist of dropping the Galaxy Note 4 from various heights at different angles, and we can tell you from personal experience that other phones that have accidentally undergone similar "testing" ended up with shattered displays.

Regardless of whether you prefer an iPhone over the Galaxy series or vice versa, you have to give Samsung kudos for giving its customers a somewhat rare inside look at how the company tests its products.