Samsung ICOCELL Image Sensor Promises Better Camera Performance In Low Light For Mobile Devices

The days when camera phones were novelties that shot blurry, low-res photos seem so far away that it’s ridiculous. Innovation in that space has exploded, and Samsung is pushing the envelope even more with a new advanced pixel technology for CMOS sensors in cameras called ISOCELL.

Samsung ISOCELL camera phone technology

ISOCELL is designed to increase the light sensitivity of the CMOS sensor and result in better color fidelity in low-light situations. More technically, “ISOCELL technology forms a physical barrier between neighboring pixels – isolating the pixel. This isolation enables more photons to be collected from the micro-lens and absorbed into the correct pixel’s photodiode minimizing undesired electrical crosstalk between pixels and allowing expanded full well capacity (FWC).”

Samsung ISOCELL camera phone technology

Samsung claims that its ISOCELL technology can deliver up to 30% less “crosstalk” between pixels as competing Back Side Illumination (BSI) technology with a 20% wider Chief Ray Angle (CRA). It also results in a thinner camera module, which makes it ideal for mobile devices where space is a major issue.

The ISOCELL technology will be built into Samsung’s S5K4H5YB 8Megapixel imager, which should appear in devices shipping Q4 2013.