Samsung Gear S3 And Gear Sport Value Pack Brings Key Health And Navigation Updates

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Samsung has announced that it has updated Samsung Health on the Gear S3 and Gear Sport wearables to help users of those smartwatches be smarter about wellness. The update to Samsung Health features 20 indoor workouts that allow the wearables to track 39 different types of exercises. Users see eight different workouts by default, and the display of the wearable can be customized to show whatever exercises the user chooses.

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The watches can record a series of exercises in succession, such as when users are having an arm day and move from bench press to arm curls. The update also brings simplified sleep notifications that users are shown when they wake in the morning. A "View Detail" button allows users to get a breakdown of their sleep time, three movement states, and a weekly record with a tap. A Sleep Widget gives users a log of the previous night's sleep and allows the user to look at more in-depth details if needed.

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Users can customize the Quick Panel accessed by swiping down on the device screen. The Quick Panel has eight settings, modes, or icons seen at one time, and there are now more items that can be displayed there. Those items can now include BT Headset and Find My Phone. A pair of new modes added to the Quick Panel include Theater Mode to keep the watch silent and turn the screen off while muting alerts, alarms, and system sounds. Goodnight Mode mutes all alerts except alarms and system sounds. It also turns off Watch always on and Wake-up gesture.

gear wellness

Along with those features, the update also enriches communications with new features for messaging and calls. Drafts of messages written on the device can be saved to finish later. MMS support is enhanced with MMS images displayed in notifications. Automatic playback for animated images in a message or conversation is now built-in. Samsung is also bringing new partnerships with fitness and lifestyle products including Strava and TIDAL. The Gear S3 Value Pack update is downloadable via the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app now. Samsung's Gear S3 wearable was first teased back in 2016 at IFA.