Samsung Offers Glimpse Of Galaxy S6's Profile In New Teaser Video

Look for the Galaxy S6 to have a premium look and feel to it. That's what Samsung hinted in a new teaser video posted to Twitter. In the video, there's a line that reads, "I am crafted from the beautiful things I see around me," and what you see in the video are decorative panes of glass and metal with several subtle curves.

Of course this isn't the first we've heard that the Galaxy S6 will be made from metal. That's a rumor that's been around ever since talk first turned to the next generation handset. It's also just one of many rumors surrounding Samsung's next flagship handset.


There's also been plenty of chatter that Samsung will sell a version of the Galaxy S6 that has a curved edge display. This would most likely be in addition to a standard model without a curved edge, lest Samsung is willing to take a huge gamble on a new design.

That seems unlikely given the importance of this product launch. Samsung needs the Galaxy S6 to be a success after it was left with excess inventory of unsold Galaxy S5 devices. The disappointing sales of Samsung's previous generation flagship played a role in a major restructuring effort that saw several high end executives be dismissed from the company.

The Galaxy S6 will most likely launch on March 1 at a special Unpacked event in Barcelona at MWC 2015.