Samsung Gear Fit Teardown Highlights Another Repairable Wearable

As gadgets shrink in size, it brings up the question of how feasible it is to perform repairs on your own at home. So far the answer depends on the device, as well as your level of patience and expertise. Some are a bear to repair, and others, like Samsung's Gear Fit, are a bit easier, though it's not without its challenges.

The folks at iFixIt recently tore into a Gear Fit and what they discovered is that, with a little work, you can replace the battery. That's always a big plus when it comes to mobile devices, otherwise you're stuck with a hunk of unresponsive electronics once the battery gives up the ghost.

Gear Fit Open

There is some adhesive that keeps the Gear Fit from popping open, though it's not that difficult to soften the glue and pry open the device with iFixIt's iOpener kit. Once inside, the internal assembly is easily removed, though to go deeper -- and to replace the battery -- you'll need to free the display from the frame.

A closer look at the motherboard assembly reveals a segmented, three-piece construction with ribbon cables joining the parts, as opposed to a single elongated board. Underneath the three-piece electronic suit is where you'll find the battery.

Gear Fit Parts

The Gear Fit earned itself a 6 out of 10 "Repairability Score." Having a removable battery along with a watch band that can be disconnected within seconds both worked in the Gear Fit's favor. Working against the device, however, is Samsung's decision to solder several components onto the motherboard.